Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Drive safely on the I-15 recently posted the ten most dangerous highways, and I-15 showed up. With Thanksgiving trips about to begin, here's an excerpt to remind you to drive safely.

"Most of you hop a plane if you're heading to the casinos of Las Vegas, but Californians and Nevadans hop into their cars. Nine million step on the gas for the drive through the desert to Vegas on Interstate 15 each year. In a five-year period, 173,000 lost their lives on I-15, and most of them were simply going too fast, whether in a rush to get there or while high-tailing it home after their luck ran out. There's nothing tricky about the road itself, but the 125 miles of desert terrain with a gradual climb through a 4,000-foot pass southeast of Sin City seems to beckon speed demons. Roadside attractions include ghost towns both old and new, from clusters of abandoned, graffiti-covered buildings to the 1880s-era mining town of Calico (just over the border in California and accessed by following the Ghost Town Road exit and then paying the $6 admission fee). Worst time to drive it? Friday nights, of course."

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