Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Change, Big Impact

I’m always looking out for little changes I can make to my daily life to help the environment. I was really surprised to learn that switching to estatements had such a big impact. If all NFCU members switched to estatements, we’d save 37,000 gallons of water and 500 gallons of gas, not to mention 90 trees. We’re all trying to conserve water here in the desert. I never thought of estatements as a way to help, but it is. It’s just one more little change I can make, plus it’s so easy.

To sign-up, simply logon to SilverLink Online, click on Online Services, and select “Sign Up for E-Statements.” You will be asked to read the disclosure and consent to accept statements electronically instead of by way of US mail. At the touch of your fingertips and in a secure environment, you’ll have access to your monthly account statement including 90 days history. Also, by choosing to conduct your transactions online, you contribute to lower fees, better consumer rates, and higher dividends on the products and services you use most!

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