Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I saved real money by switching

After more news on how bad the economy is, I decided that I really should be looking into ways to save a little. I had heard many members tell me how much they had saved by using the NFCU Insurance Group, but I just hadn’t gotten around to asking for a quote. I knew it was free to get a quote, but I had been with my insurance company for 20 years and had always been happy with the service. I just didn’t expect it to be much different and I thought it might be a hassle to make a switch. However, thinking that a little savings is better than none, I sent an email to Sue Messina at NFCU Insurance.

I was shocked! With an hour, I had a quote that cut my auto insurance in half. HALF! That wasn’t just a little savings; that was real money. Not only that, she came to my office to confirm that I understood everything. She even called to arrange the transition from my other insurance company. All I had to do was send the initial email and sign the forms. I wish I had done it sooner.

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