Wednesday, April 1, 2009

10 Free or Cheap Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

As a follow up to our latest blog from Abby about entertaining your family for less, I wanted to share a story I saw on the Today Show, which made me think of a few of my own money saving strategies.

After seeing the story, I felt less guilty about saying “no” to my 9 year old when she had asked to go bowling again last weekend. Don’t get me wrong, $25 isn’t bad for a night out for a family of three, that’s about what it cost us the last time. However, once you get to the bowling lanes, your then faced with the inevitable “I’m hungry” and suddenly the night becomes more like $50 after several runs to the snack bar.

So instead, we played scrabble and had a ball. Plus it was a great way to improve her spelling and vocabulary.

On another note, this is one of the few gifts from Santa she actually plays with. After hearing in this story that re-gifting your kids’ unopened X-mas gifts is a useful money saving tip, I’m now on a mission to do so, being most of them are still in the plastic wrap sitting on her closet floor. Last year, I took it a step further. After she hadn’t opened several of her gifts 3 weeks after X-mas, I returned them and she never even noticed! My husband and I still laugh about it and talk about the money we would have wasted. This year, I figured she was too savvy not to notice, so I didn’t return. But, you can bet I’m about to re-gift whatever I can in order to save money on all those birthday parties she’ll be attending this year.

I think I’m running a close second to Abby’s “cheapness.” :)

Here’s the link to the story I was referring to:

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