Monday, April 20, 2009

A Step Back in Time Saves a Dime

I went to the movies with my husband recently and got sticker shock. We had forgotten how expensive it was to go to the theater. Even at the matinee, I paid $7.50 per ticket. I looked at the evening ticket prices and couldn’t believe they had gotten up to $10. That can turn into an expensive activity.

I tried taking advantage of Jen’s advice to use the coupon out of the Entertainment Book, but the theater we went to didn’t accept them. If it had, that would have brought the price down to $6.50 per person.

So here’s my advice for you parents looking to take your family to the latest release without breaking the bank: go to the drive-in. We’ve been going to the drive-in since my son was born and it puts a whole new spin on the night at the movies. They have all the new releases and it’s only $6.25 per person and kids 12 and under are free. And it’s only $4.25 on Tuesdays. You can take your own popcorn and drinks, so you’re not paying those crazy concession stand prices and you avoid the concession stand fight with the kids. If the kids get restless, they can run around outside, bring games, whatever. People with trucks tailgate and bring chairs to enjoy it outside.

You get a cool experience plus save over $20 for a family of four. The drive-in here in Vegas is located at 4150 W. Carey Ave. You can find movie times on

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