Thursday, July 2, 2009

Air Quality Advisory

There was an Air Quality Advisory Issued For Smoke/Ozone From Saturday through Sunday. Local Air Quality May Be Poor Due To Smoke From Local Fireworks.

Clark County Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management (DAQEM) is issuing an advisory that will be in effect through Sunday for smoke/ozone due to local fireworks and outdoor barbeques on the 4th of July. Air Quality officials say smoke is made of small dust particles and other pollutants that can aggravate respiratory diseases, and contribute to ground-level ozone formation.

At this time, unhealthy levels of air pollution are not occurring. Air Quality officials will continue to monitor the situation and will post an alert on the forecast page of the Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management website if unhealthy levels actually occur. A link to the forecast page is located on the website at

Detailed air quality conditions are posted in the monitoring section of the DAQEM website. You can receive free air quality forecasts and advisories via e-mail or text message through EnviroFlash service. Subscription information is available at

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