Monday, August 10, 2009

Too Many Books

I was rearranging some furniture in my house recently and discovered that I have too many books. I’m a big user of the library, but I still find that I continue to collect more books than I have room for. I was going to spend more money on a new bookshelf when it occurred to me that I should try to sell some of the ones I don’t really want to keep. Not only will this decrease the clutter in my house, but it’ll give me a little extra cash, which is always good.

My husband and I visited some used bookstore around town, but we really didn’t find one that wanted to take our mish-mash collection off our hands. I almost left with even more books for the house! Then I found You enter in the ISBN codes of your books and they tell you what they’ll pay you. Then you ship the books to them for free.

Now this hasn’t completely solved my overflowing book problem. After I send what I can to, I’m going to try my hat selling them on Amazon. Wish me luck!

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