Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion Forgiven?

Maybe some of you out there can offer me some advice today. As the weather is clearly cooling off in Las Vegas, it's still rather warm. I think it's too soon for fall attire but the calendar says it's definitely Fall. So, thus arrives my question. Can I still wear white pants, white shoes and carry a white purse in Las Vegas after labor day?

Yes, it's a silly question but I never recall reading anything telling us Vegans it's ok to break the "no white after labor day" rule. I kind of make up my own rules for this. I figure, if it's still hot enough for the men in my office to wear shorts, then I can certainly get away with white pants and linen, right? Then why do I still find myself questioning my choices these days.

I was hoping to get a few more weeks out of my white pants. Oh, and then there's the dilemma with my capri pants. Can I still wear those well into October if it's still fairly warm out or will this be committing a major fashion faux pas?

Do any of you have thoughts about wearing white past labor day or when to stop wearing capri pants, linen and other "summer" materials in Vegas? Please share your thoughts. Keep it light, please. I really am not trying to be the next fashion model, just a little curious.

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