Monday, September 21, 2009

Surviving buying a house in this market

I got the happy news that I was approved for a home loan in May 2009! How exciting I thought. Well three realtors, seven (approx.) offers and six months later… acceptance. The real estate market in is alive and well! I was out bid – out maneuvered by the more experienced in the field. But perseverance of the American dream kept me on task until I finally heard that they accepted my offer!

Now my husband having been slightly jaded by the process thus far - Does not believe we have a home until the keys are in his hand – So… I am more of an optimist I believe that we have survived the real estate market and have come through the other side!

If you have questions about the market I would contact NFCU’s Realty Group – They are so helpful and supportive!

Contact Community Realty at (702) 948-5368 or their website:

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