Friday, October 23, 2009

Member Lori C. had something to say about NFCU...

Congratulations to Lori C. for winning our "You've Got Something to Say" Blog Contest. She won a $50 Prepaid Visa card for sharing her story.

This is what Lori had to say:

I have been a NFCU member since I moved here in 1985. My children both have had savings accounts there and now my son was entering college so he needed a checking account. He also was leaving for college and I wanted to give him a prepaid Visa to take with him. I saw on facebook the special offer of “buy a prepaid Visa and we’ll give you $25” so I took the coupon down to the Maryland Parkway branch. I bought him a prepaid Visa and they added an additional $25 on it for me! Talk about free money! In this day & age, every little bit counts.

Thank you NFCU for helping me and my son out!

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