Friday, October 2, 2009

Psst...we want to hear from you.

Yesterday I posted three entries from our "You've Got Something to Say" blog contest. Please take a minute to look at each and comment or give the one you like best a "thumbs up." You can only vote on one. Hurry though! The final date to vote is October 16.

Entry one is from Lauretta, an active retired mom that is enjoying time-saving benefits of planning ahead. Read her entry to find out how she is doing it.

Entry two is from Lori, a mom with a son in college that takes advantage of coupon offers to get the most value for her dollar. How does she do it? Read her entry to find out.

Entry three is from Melissa, a busy mom-to-be that found a way to save time, money and avoid fast-food meals on the go. Learn how she is going to do it by reading her entry.


lauretta said...

I vote for #1. It includes good ideas for ways to save time and money when we are very busy.

barry said...

I vote for #1--it has good suggestions for me.

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