Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is there to do in Reno/Tahoe?

The question that is often presented to people that live in Reno-Tahoe area is"what is there to do"? Having had this question also presented to me, I thought I would share just some of the activities that are available to all of us. From Wolf Pack football and basketball, Reno Bighorns, Street Vibrations, Nevada Museum of Art, Reno Aces, Northstar at Tahoe Ice Skating Rink, Reno Air Races, Reno-Tahoe Open, Burning Man, to include the Automobile Museum and I could go on and on. The community has a web site that is full of in depth information to explore your next adventure. We have so many sites and events that are cost effective and family friendly. Share you favorite activity by responding to this blog.

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