Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It is time to winterize your irrigation system

In Northern Nevada, winterizing your irrigation system is a chore we cannot neglect. To avoid damage to lawn irrigation systems, take a few steps to prepare your system for winter. Several steps are involved in the process. First is knowing when to turn off the system. I have been told that whenever the temperature is over 45 degrees, roots should be watered. So, watch for freezing daytime temperatures that can damage the pipes. Nighttime freezes followed by sunny, warm days usually will not damage systems. After long, dry, warm periods, irrigation might be needed. Most years, systems should be turned off by the end of October. Once you've determined that it's time to winterize your system, start by turning off the water to the irrigation system at the main valve. Next, drain any above-ground irrigation components that hold water. For sprinkler systems, blowing out the buried pipe using compressed air will ensure they're clear of water. Your automatic controller must be turned off for the winter. Finish by insulting any aboveground components and valves. By spending an hour now to properly shut off your system, you'll avoid expensive repairs next Spring. Have a fun and safe winter!

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