Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Northern Nevada Indoor Gardening with Crimini's

With fall in Northern Nevada and winter around the corner, gardening withdrawals can affect many of us unless we take growing action! Did you know, the Portabella mushroom is one of the tastiest mushrooms ever home grown. It is very versatile in its uses. When harvested young in the button stage it is called a crimini and can be used in the same way as the regular white button mushroom. When harvested as a mature mushroom, with the gills exposed, it is called a Portabella. One of the nicest features of the portabella is its thick cap. The cap on a portabella is probably twice as thick as the cap on a white button mushroom. This unique feature makes this mushroom a meaty and wonderful mushroom to cook with. Portabella caps can grow as small as 3-4 inches across to as large as 5-8 inches across, with the average size being 4-5 inches in diameter. These thick caps when cooked can taste similar to eating meat and is often used as a meat substitute. A Mushroom kit can be purchased which can yield several crops of this delicious mushroom. The first two crops are usually very large completely filling the box with mushrooms. The third crop is fairly big as well. The subsequent crops after that get smaller fruiting in clusters and lesser amounts, until the mushrooms finally stop. If you are looking for an unusual holiday gift this season, perhaps a home growing mushroom kit is just what is needed to inspire a gardener during the indoor months in Northern Nevada. For more information about purchasing kits, please visit the link attached. Happy growing! http://www.mushroomadventures.com/store/

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