Monday, December 7, 2009

Let's Go Ride A Bike

Bike-sharing is the international social movement where bikes are situated at designated stations throughout cities for individuals to use for a specified amount of time. It is a viable transportation alternative for those who prefer an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and healthy means of traveling, especially for short trips. Freewheelin is one of a number of initiatives Humana is developing to encourage people to have fun and get active.

In 2008, Humana and the bicycle-advocacy group Bikes Belong took 1,000 bicycles to each of the national political conventions. Over eight days, riders in Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul took more than 7,500 rides, pedaled nearly 42,000 miles, burned 1.3 million calories and reduced their carbon footprint by 14.6 metric tons.

It was such a success that Humana decided to keep the Freewheelin program rolling and is now bringing Freewheelin to Henderson via the Humana’s Guidance Center. In addition to borrowing bikes, Freewheelers will also be able to participate in scheduled bike rides. Each of the planned bike rides will leave from the Humana Guidance Centers, but will vary from an easy, slow, scenic cruise to a longer, more athletic workout.

The Humana Guidance Center in Henderson will house a Freewheelin bike station with 18 bicycles. Humana also will allow all riders to borrow helmets and bike locks for free. Freewheelers do not need to be Humana members to check out bikes. All riders will participate in a bicycle safety information session and be fitted to their bicycles and helmets before heading out to the streets to pedal away.

Bicycles will be available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Riders must present a credit card and a photo ID to check out a bike; no charges will be placed on the card, provided bikes are returned by 5 p.m. to the Humana Guidance Center. The Humana Guidance Center in Henderson is located at 1000 N. Green Valley Parkway, Suite 720, Henderson, NV 89074.

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