Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vehicle Emergency Ready Kit

Well Northern Nevada, the first driving debilitating storm of the season has come and gone. Were you prepared? Was your vehicle supplied with emergency items for the safety of you and your passengers? As I drove around Reno and Sparks these past two days I saw numerous vehicles parked on the side of the road and could not help but wonder how the passengers traveled safely after the vehicle stopped. Listed are a few helpful items to have in your vehicle for safety this winter season. A cellular telephone for access to emergency help. A bag of cat litter to help with wheel traction in the case of being stuck in snow, ice, or mud. Several blankets for warmth until emergency help can arrive. Walking boots or shoes in case you need to walk to help. A vehicle emergency kit that contains flairs to help other drivers see you are on the roadway. A pair of jumper cables to jump start your vehicle if needed. A fire extinguisher in case of a fire. Water in case of over heating, yes even in the winter. Tape for broken hoses. A flash light to see in the dark or under a vehicle. For the most part, in Reno and Sparks, we are never that far from a residential or commercial area for help, but don't leave your safety to chance.

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