Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Explore and Savor the Flavors

When was the last time you explored the University of Nevada Reno right in the heart of our own community. I know that at one time or another you have either driven by or heard about the newly completed student union center named after Joe Crowley AKA The Joe Crowley Student Union Center. Perhaps your interest is in the state of art knowledge center, which is next to the student union center. Take a field trip and explore either or both. When on campus you will also see many great places for a food or beverage snack. I have taken the liberty here to share a few of the options you have while on campus. In the Joe Crowley Student Union Center you will find: Cantina Del Lobo, Keva Juice, Pack Pit Stop, Panda Express, Port of Subs, Spudistro, STARBUCKS, Tahoe Creamery, and Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen to name a few.

This list does not cover all of the other snack places in other parts of the campus like Bytes, a coffee and pastry shop in the new knowledge center.

With the cold winter weather in Northern Nevada, sometimes we get into a rut and forget about all of the options we have right before us to explore our community. Enjoy your day in Northern Nevada.

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