Friday, April 23, 2010

13 Time Saving Tips

The other day my 10 year old told me that she read, the average american spends three years on the toilet bowl. Funny little fact, but it had me thinking about my daily routine and what else might be sucking up my time. While this is certainly not a practice I wish to cut time from, I'm sure there are other ways I can free up some of my time to get my to do list complete each week while keeping up with my busy schedule.

If you find yourself struggling to fit everything in your busy schedule, here are some time saving tips that may help you.

1. Get Organized. It's amazing how many people spin their wheels each day looking for lost keys, phone numbers, the red shirt or a specific pair of shoes. Spend a weekend getting yourself organized.

2. Find Your Timewasters. Keep track for one week of all the ways you waste time. Do you spend 10 minutes finding your keys? If so, make a key hook by your door, and use it. Do you forget "that one item" when you go to the store? Keep a list on your refrigerator and, each time you empty something, add it to the list.

3. Write Things Down. Always, keep a small notepad on hand. When you think of something you need to do, jot down a reminder. This will save you endless minutes recalling just what you were supposed to do.
4. Get An Engagement Calendar. Get a calendar to write down all your engagements, addresses and phone numbers. By keeping all the information in one place, you won't have to dig for it later.

5. Keep A Notepad By Your Phone. How many times have you written a note on a loose piece of paper, never to see it again? Record those notes on a pad of paper to keep them from walking away.

6. Designate Days. Choose a day or night to do your grocery shopping and errand running each week. Choose a day to clean your home. Stick to your schedule and forget about these responsibilities the rest of the week.

7. Do Things In Bulk. When possible, buy groceries and drugstore items in bulk to save a trip to the store. When you prepare one casserole, make one or two extras and freeze them.

8. Teach Your Child. Teach your child how to prepare a drink mix, do laundry, empty the dishwasher and clean his room. An extra set of hands goes a long way.

9. Finish What Your Start. When you start a project, see it through to the end. Leaving many unfinished projects causes anxiety about finishing each, and soon you'll be spinning your wheels.

10. Maximize Your Trips. On your way to work, are there errands you can run so you don't have to do them at night or on the weekends?

11. Review Your Priorities. While certain joy can be found in relaxing over a television show, don't overload. If you are watching three or four hours of television a day, that is time probably better spent doing something else.

12. Make A File System. Buy a cardboard file box and folders. Make folders for bills, insurance, letters, bank statements and anything else you may need at hand.

13. Have A Reading Pile. Keep everything you want to read, including mail and magazines, by your bed and read 10 minutes a night to unwind.

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