Wednesday, April 21, 2010

16 ways to earn money during the recession

It’s tough out there, but people are still finding creative ways to moonlight -- and some of these sidelines didn’t even exist a few years ago.

1. Bartending

This time-honored way to garner tips and new best friends.

2. Blackjack Dealer

Casinos are a source of off-hours employment in many areas. Check to see if any local casinos offer to learn how to be a blackjack dealer for free.

3. Bookseller

Selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist is a moneymaker for many, but some specialize in reselling one thing: books. There are a number of sites that facilitate used-book sales, including, and Some folks haunt yard or library surplus sales.

4. Coach

Shaping young athletes can be a profitable sideline for someone with flexible hours and coaching skills.

5. Crafting

Several crafters sell their wares on, a site that connects artists and crafters with a sizable audience of buyers.

6. Freelance Writer

Some skilled writers have found it easier to find jobs through sites such as Elance, which allows scribes to bid on article-writing projects.

7. Music Lessons

You can charge $15 a lesson (which is usually a half-hour, once a week).

8. Odd jobs

Craigslist is connecting people with handyman skills -- or who are just willing to work hard -- with folks who need help.

9. Organizers

Among many other odd jobs, Helping others de-clutter and organize their homes and offices is a full-time profession for many (for more information on this career field, visit the National Association of Professional Organizers, Many get started working for friends or neighbors, but you can also contact professionals such as accountants, attorneys and conservators to see whether their clients may need help.

10. Referee

Another way to employ sports skills is by playing umpire or referee. You can try working for your local parks department one night a week.

11. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

You can stay healthy too!

12. Seamstress

If you love to sew this is perfect!

13. Teaching Online

Check out your local colleges.

14. Text Researcher

Answering strangers’ questions can help you earn money. You can try to freelance for text answering service ChaCha.

15. Wait Staff

Being a waiter or waitress is hard work, but it’s a time-tested way to earn fast cash if you have a good memory and people skills.

16. Web Site Design

If you know your SEO from your HTML, you could help others build or spruce up their Web sites. Elance and RentACoder are two places to look for jobs.

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