Monday, June 7, 2010

It Could Happen to You

Nevada Federal will no longer offer courtesy pay overdraft protection unless you agree to opt-in. When I was at the grocery this week buying milk and diapers, I swiped my NFCU debit card to complete the purchase. It made me think about how important it is to have overdraft protection on my account. If I hadn’t had enough money in my account to buy milk for the kids, my overdraft protection would have allowed me to make the purchase.

With Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection, NFCU may approve everyday debit and ATM transactions for you, at our discretion, when you don’t have sufficient available funds in your account. To keep this coverage on your account, act today.

Because of some changes to law, Nevada Federal can no longer provide Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection unless you tell us to continue your coverage. Don’t worry — there is NO FEE to keep the coverage and NO FEE if you never use it. Standard overdraft fees apply if you do need to use it. To keep your coverage uninterrupted, call today or visit any branch location.

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