Friday, July 9, 2010

Old Shoes New Again

I was telling a colleague how I recently repaired a damaged pair of shoes as opposed to buying new ones. In the middle of my story, a male colleague overheard me and questioned what I said in complete shock that a woman would opt to fix rather than purchase new shoes. That’s right, even with an excuse to buy new ones, I resisted the temptation. These days, saving money or getting a good deal is my mission, so I decided to repair my damaged shoes rather than try and replace them.

I was inspired by my husband who recently had his designer shoes repaired at the store he purchased them in several years ago. For a reasonable price, they replaced his sole and the shoes were like new again. Impressed with his economical choice to fix rather than buy, he brought another pair of shoes back to Nordstrom and asked if they could do the same for a reasonable price. They referred him to a shop in town and suggested he take them himself as it would be faster that way. I decided to tag along and take a pair of my own.

My three-year old designer shoes were torn on the side from normal wear and tear but extremely comfortable and the perfect size heel for work. I received them as a gift and they’re the only high-end designer shoes I own. I knew I couldn't replace them with a shoe of the same brand, so I took the ride with my husband across town to see if they could be repaired. (The designer shop they were purchased from had previously told me they couldn't be fixed).

The owner of the shop agreed to fix the tear as best he could along with replacing the sole, heel tab and sewing a stitch around both shoes to avoid future tears. I took the chance, and by the end of the day our shoes were ready. My husband is thrilled with his boots, and I am satisfied that I extended the life of my shoes for a reasonable price.

I’ve now decided to do an inventory on all of my shoes to see which ones can use a little tender love & care in order to extend the life of my favorites. I highly recommend finding a shoe repair shop in your neighborhood before tossing a pair that might just need a little fixin’ up. I also like the idea of bringing business to small family-owned shops. Give it a try and I bet you’ll be happy you did.

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