Friday, August 27, 2010

Increase Your Home’s Value

Let’s face it, many home owners are upside down in their mortgage and fear that they'll have to wait years before building equity again. One way to increase your home’s value before waiting for the economy to turn around, is to make some simple inexpensive upgrades. In addition to adding value, you may even find that you’ll enjoy your home a bit more while you’re waiting to build more equity.

Home improvement projects can be a daunting task to undertake but luckily, there are five simple ways to increase your home’s value that does not require much money or time. The main areas you need to focus on improving include your kitchen, bathrooms, yard, storage areas, and the general cleanliness of your home.

#1: Update Your Kitchen
• Make sure appliances work well and match
• Repaint walls
• Replace cabinets or add knobs

#2: Make Your Bathroom Modern
• replacing the towel racks and light fixtures
• replace the faucet
• regrout tiles or install a new modern shower head.

#3: Landscape Your Yard
• Landscape your yard or if it already is, touch it up.
• Keep grass mowed or desert landscaping maintained
• Prune your bushes and edge your planting beds
• Add extra touches like wooden swings, decks, and even fish ponds.
• Power-wash and re-stain your deck.

#4: Create Lots of Storage
• Add bedroom closet organizers and hanging organizers for the pantry.
• Look for organizers build for garages

#5: Make Your Home Appear New
• Repaint your home in a neutral color
• get a plumber to check for leaks and fix any that may appear
• steam the carpets to give the illusion of being brand-new. (Do it yourself to save even more money).

These home improvement projects can help increase your home’s value for when you prepare to sell your home later down the road. Remember that just a simple change can give the illusion of a fresh and new home.


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