Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Balance Your Checkbook

Here is an easy way to balance your checkbook.

Keep your most recent bank statement along with your POS, Visa® Check Card, ATM and teller receipts.

Keep your carbon copies of checks written.

Subtract from your check register any transactions listed on your checking statement, which you have not previously deducted from your balance. Also, add any dividends.

Subtract from your checking statement any transactions listed on your check register that occurred later than the ending date of your checking statement.

Add any deposits made later than the ending date of your statement.

Your check register balance should match up with your statement ending balance.

If you do not balance try one of the following:

Compare the dollar amounts of deposits listed on your statement with the dollar amounts listed on your check register.

Verify your addition and subtraction.

Also, you should always keep an accurate day to day accounting of your funds by logging on to your checking account daily.

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