Tuesday, November 30, 2010

University of Nevada Reno Lifted the City

Some of you may not be aware, the University of Nevada Reno Wolf Pack won the football game against rival team Boise State on Saturday night. Boise was favored to win by 14 points. With most odds against the Team that won, Reno is also a community that does not yield to negativity and will also persevere these current trying economic times. For the complete University of Nevada winning story, please go to http://www.nevadawolfpack.com/

Just like this great game lifted the spirits of the community and helped bring community pride to most people, the Great Reno Community is pulling together to change the economic times we are enduring. One of the characteristics of a winner is the perseverance to not let the negativity take you down! We cannot foresee the future, but we can make the best of what we know.

Congratulations to the University of Nevada Reno and the Wolf Pack Football Team!

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