Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Here are some tips you might want to follow in order to get the gifts you want to get and still be on budget.

First, have a list. When you have everything written down it is a lot easier to stay on task.

Second, think of a gift for each person and write it down next to their names.

Third, start a budget, for each gift estimate about how much you spend on that gift. Then total the prices for all and that will be your budget.

Do some online searching to make sure you can find the best pricing.

Check out: – the grandfather of online shopping for books, electronics, CD/DVD for music and movies. Now, it even includes apparel, jewelry, tools and sports gears. – Covers a wide range of gift ideas, and offers gifts by budget ranges from under $25 to above $100 (only US shipping destinations). – Great site for price research as it aggregates catalogues from many online retailers into one site. When making actual online purchase, you will be redirected to the online retailer’s site.

Now it is time to do your shopping – Here’s where the real action starts. Get down to the shopping mall or go to online stores to do your shopping. Retailers like to run promotions during the Christmas season to encourage consumer spending. At the malls, be prepared to be tempted by irresistible offers and promotions. Having the shopping list and budget in hand will certainly help you stay focused. You are less likely to get distracted into opportunistic shopping which will result in you bursting your pockets.


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