Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Groupon Class-Action Law Suit worth $8.5 million … Are you due a redemption or even money?

 The deals come in daily, they sound like a steal and they certainly won’t last forever. So, we buy the deal, possibly convince a few friends to buy it with us and then haphazardly forget about it. You find that you are out $10 or $15 … wondering what can you do about expired Groupons? Well, there is now something you can do about unused or expired Groupon vouchers!

Groupon has agreed to pay out $8.5 million in a class-action lawsuit for unused or expired vouchers purchased before December 1, 2011.  You can now redeem your Groupon past its expiration date or obtain a refund, should the business have closed (or other circumstances). 

How can you file a Groupon claim? This link will take you to their class-action lawsuit site where you can obtain the claim form.   

Not sure if you have expired vouchers? Log into your Groupon account, go to “My Groupons,” on the bottom of that page, there is a small link that will show your expired or unredeemed Groupons. 

Under "My Groupons" you will find this little link to take you to past purchases .

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Shawn Irwin said...

People should be aware of the vouchers and make sure that it does not get expired.This also depends upon the deals when it comes into consideration.
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