Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Save on Your Energy Bill This Summer

While summer doesn’t officially start until next month, it is certainly starting to feel like summer in Las Vegas. This week, temperatures are expected to hit 100 degrees, or come pretty close.

Here are some tips to help you keeps your energy costs down while the temperatures soar: 

Keep your air conditioner at 78 degrees while you are home and while you are away, turn it up to 85 degrees. For every degree over 78, you can expect to save anywhere from one-three percent on your bill. By turning the temperature down even five degrees, you can use up to 40 percent more energy.

Clean your air vents monthly and change your air filters regularly. The dust they collect can hinder the flow of air.

Call NV Energy and see about their filed-bill plan. Under the plan, you are charged the same amount year round, regardless of your electircity use. Customers are given the average total of their annual energy costs and that is broken down throughout the year. Keep in mind that bills can fluctuate, so there are no guarantees. Call NV Energy to find out more.

To read more energy-saving tips, visit NV Energy’s website: https://www.nvenergy.com/home/saveenergy/energytips.cfm

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