Monday, July 30, 2012

25 Things You Should Never Post Online

You won't go on vacation without locking your house and you wouldn't leave your car unlocked while spending a day at the mall, right? But when it comes to your personal safety and security, are you taking the same precautions?

In today's instant-access, over-sharing world, it becomes easy to neglect online safety. You countdown to your next vacation on Facebook, you check in to a location when you arrive, you live-tweet photos of yourself while on vacation ... all of those activities can compromise your personal security.

As a simple safety reminder, Margie Clayman posted this list of 25 things that should not be shared online. Here is a sampling of those items, what else would you add?

Your full birthday
Your password, especially to your bank account
Your bank account number
Your credit card number
Pictures of your drunken night of revelry, even if it seems like a good idea at the time. You’re drunk – your mind powers are hazy.
How much you hate your boss
How much you hate your co-workers
How much you hate your clients
How much you can’t remember due to your drunken night of revelry
Where your kids go to school
Where your kids’ bus stop is
Where your kids go for day care
Personal things that are not yours to tell – about anyone you know
Pictures that might be humiliating for others, especially if you tag them

The full story can be read here.

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