Thursday, July 5, 2012

Possible Internet Shutdown? Say it isn't so?

***UPDATE: To find out if you are infected, visit this article on Mashable.***

Alerts are swirling around about a possible Internet shutdown on Monday July 9th. You may notice some messages stating that you were infected with a malware infection called  "DNSChanger."

According to, "The DNSChanger malware is a Trojan horse infection that at its peak affected approximately 4 million PC systems worldwide, with about 500,000 of those being in the United States. When installed, the malware changes the system's DNS server settings to point to a rogue DNS network set up by the malware developers."

The long story short, the DNS network is what converts a website ( to an IP address that will take you to the website. The existing problem is that hackers rerouted those IP addresses to fake IP addresses, which can lead to phishing and other challenges.

The hackers have been arrested, but the road to repair is long. The FBI converted the hacked DNS to a legitimate DNS network; however, its expiration date is Monday July 9th. There are still infected systems out there and should the legit DNS network shut down on Monday, some users will be without Internet.

A day without the internet ... what would you do?

For more information, check out the FBI's document on the DNS malware here.

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