Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Financial Resolutions

January 1 starts a blank slate for most. It's a time to put your best foot forward and start out resolving to do things differently this year. From losing weight to saving money, most resolutions are broken within just a few weeks--or even days--of making them.

If your resolutions are too lofty, try to break it down into smaller parts. If your goal is to save $6,000  this year, break it down into smaller goals. For example, $6,000 is equal to $500 a month, $125 a week and just about $17 a day.

Think of where you can save $17 a day:
-morning drive-through coffee
-buying your lunch every day

Brew your won coffee at home (yes, we know it doesn't always taste the same and the flavors aren't as abundant, but you can also sleep in a few extra minutes if you don't have to spend 10 minutes at the drive through!). Going out to lunch can be fun, but you can also save time and gas money by staying put. Pack up some leftovers and step away from your desk to eat. With the time you have leftover, you may even be able to take a quick 10-minute power nap to get you through the rest of your day.

Not only are you saving money, but you've now also freed up some time. Who doesn't want an extra few minutes in their day? Remember, start off slowly and to chunk away at your goal on a daily basis. Just like you can't lose 25 pounds in a day, you can't save $6,000 in a day either. But you can do something every day to get you closer to your goals.

For more tips on financial resolutions, check out this article on Go Girl Finance.

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