Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Protect Your Account with Debit Card Alerts

Having peace of mind with your credit union accounts is priceless. That's why One Nevada offers debit card alerts. For only $1 per month per debit card, you can help protect your account from fraudulent activity with debit card alerts. Simply set up your alert dollar amount in online banking and then you’ll be sent an email every time your debit card is used.

For example, if you set your alert amount at $50, then you’ll receive notification when a debit card transaction above $50 posts to your account. Debit card alerts are real-time and are usually delivered within five minutes of a transaction. It’s a great tool to protect your account from fraudulent charges!

To enroll today, simply log into your account in online banking. Click on “Online Services,” and then click the “E-mail Alerts” link. Click here to see more detailed instructions.

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