Friday, March 29, 2013

Last-Minute Easter Brunch Menu Ideas

If you are celebrating Easter this weekend and in the hunt for some last-minute menu ideas, look no further. We did the legwork for you. All we ask for in return is an invite or some leftovers. Enjoy!
With the Food Network menu options, choose from traditional, Southern-style, no fuss and garden party. Options include chardonnay poached salmon, perfect hash browns, cast iron home fries, mini frittatas,  grapefruit brulee and more.

Women's Day offers ideas for an easy-breezy brunch, brunch for a bunch and two options for the more detailed-oriented chefs among us. Nosh ideas include pomegranate punch, ham and cheese strata, spring greens with Parmesan crisps, herb biscuits and lemon tart with strawberries.

Stick to your southern roots (and guts!) with these modern options from Southern Living. Watercress buttermilk soup, cornmeal chive biscuits, scalloped potato and herb tart, and jasmine-buttermilk panna cotta are just some of the delights you can find here.

The always relevant Martha Stewart offers up tasty treats like yeasted cheese and sour cherry coffee cake, bacon with citrus glaze, bacon cheese quiche, oven browns, and green bean ham and cheese frittata.

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