Thursday, May 9, 2013

Check, Cash or Google Wallet?

One Nevada is always striving to deliver the best services to our members to make life easier. Introducing Google Wallet--a smart, virtual wallet that securely stores your One Nevada credit and debit cards on your smartphone, making in-store or online check out fast and easy!

Here's how Google Wallet works:
-Create a Google Wallet account online or on your eligible device
-Add your One Nevada debit and credit cards
-Breeze through checkout online, or tap your phone to pay in store. 

For online purchases, you can breeze through checkouts without re-entering payment info and because your cards are password protected, your information is securely stored.

Look for this symbol at checkout: 

For in-store purchases, you can carry all of your One Nevada cards on your eligible phone and simply tap to pay at checkout. A receipt is sent to your phone and all sensitive account information is encrypted and stores on a secure server, not your phone. You'll have added security with a four-digit PIN and the ability to remotely disable your phone it is lost.

Look for these symbols at checkout:

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